Who Makes Mopar Oil filters

Who Makes Mopar Oil filters?

Whether you are a bike or car owner, hopefully, you heard the name of the Moper oil filter. Moper occupies the top oil filter. Interesting to say, Mopar doesn’t produce their own branded oil filter. 

Instead of producing, they mostly outsource the oil filter from various renowned oil filter producers. So, the question is “who makes Mopar oil filters”?

Moper doesn’t make the oil filter, 3rd party company makes the Mopar oil filters, And the top names are Purolator, Champion Labs, Wix.

Manufacturer of Mopar Oil Filter

I begin with an interesting piece of news that Moper doesn’t produce oil filters. Basically, it is a brand name, under which Moper markets the oil filter. Hopefully, your misconception will be erased. Don’t need to believe just two sentences; rather, the following section has a deep discussion. 

So, if the Moper doesn’t make the oil filter, then who works behind. Well, I found three different names after researching who makes this oil filter. Worthwhile to share, all those companies produce their product in the USA. 

  1. Purolator

On the way to figure out the name, I found the first name was Purolator. Actually, it is a German-based subsidiary company. Purolator began its oil filter production commercially in 1920. They have a top-rated tag due to producing top-quality products. Interestingly, you may find them in the pioneer list for making oil filters for automobiles. Purolator provides most of the oil filter for Moper. 

  1. Champion Labs

Does only Purolator make oil filters for Mopar? No, Moper produces oil filters from other manufacturers, such as Champion Labs. Champion Labs is the top USA brand in the automobile accessories producers. This renowned company started its production in 1955.

That reputation comes due to producing quality products. Apart from the oil filter, they have a good reputation in producing private level, and OEM. 

  1. Wix

The third on this list is the Wix. Similar to those two, Wix is also the oldest oil filter manufacturer. They started their production in 1939. Interestingly, their journey started by producing cotton, but later, they switched to oil filter production. In this field, they see great success. 

In the Mopar Oil Filter production, their contribution isn’t significant; instead, they produce only a few portions. Luckily to say, the manufacturer doesn’t compromise with the quality.  

The Production House of Mopar Oil Filters

You already see that different manufacturers produce the Mopar Oil Filter. Similar to the manufacturer differences, you will find the differences in the production facilities. 

  1. Purolator

Purolator’s famous production house lies in Fayetteville, North Carolina., Purolator gathers the expert workers to ensure quality products on that production house. Beyond that, they haven’t other production facilities. 

  1. Champion Labs

Champion Labs doesn’t have a fixed production house; rather they have done their work from different facilities throughout the USA. Their oldest production house lies in West Salem. Also, they use their South Carolina and Illinois production house for producing oil filters. Illinois, a famous production house for Mopar Oil Filter, comes with a 50,000 sq.ft area for their production house. 

  1. Wix

You already know that Wix produces Mopar Oil Filters. Similar to Champion Labs, Wix’s multiple production house lies in four different places. Their production activities continue in 12 different facilities. But, I have no idea which production house especially produces this useful accessory. 


Why do you use Mopar Oil Filter?

You already know that some renowned manufacturer produces Mopar Oil Filter. After sharing their hand, this Mopar oil Filter became premium, and top-rated. However, the following section will notify you more about this oil filter. 

  1. Sturdy 

The sturdy construction makes this oil filter durable. That durability makes it capable of withstanding any harsh Condition. The manufacturer conducts a durability test to ensure the condition. 

  1. Perfect construction

The manufacturer makes this oil filter in a cost-efficient way. Plus, they try to ensure overall blissful performance. 

  1. Sufficient media

The manufacturer uses plenty of media to ensure filtering a good amount of oil. 

  1. Polyester fiber glass-synthetic filter:

The manufacturer uses synthetic and polyester fiberglass to make this oil filter. That combination will give you a great advantage during filtering. 

Note: You can’t get blissful service from that made with only regular polyester. Plus, if the oil filter is made of only synthetic material, the price becomes higher. 

But, the combination of those two materials make this oil filter amazing from every side. 

  1. Bypass valve

Naturally, the filter becomes dirty over time and retards the oil filtering effectively. Plus, the oil can’t get inside perfectly. To  overcome the situation, the manufacturer uses a bypass valve. That bypass valve will help to reach the oil to the engine. At that time, the oil filter can’t filter the oil.  

  1. Anti-drain back system

Another blissful feature is the anti-drain back system. So, how could you benefit? This system left some oil out of the filter. Therefore, you can start the engine effectively and keep aside the dry start.

Available types Mopar oil filters

Mopar produces different oil filters based on different types of engine. Therefore, you will find different oil filters in the market. Mopar produces oil filters for 1.3L to 6.4L engine types. Apart from the engine variation, you will find variations in types, and shapes. 

Let’s see some popular Mopar oil filters below.

Mopar 68235275AB FilterMopar 6815 7291AA Filter
Mopar 4726067AA FilterMopar 6806 1634AA Filter

So, how can you manage this oil filter? If you want to buy a Mopar oil filter, you can simply tweak Amazon. Also, you can check other online platforms like ebay, Walmart. 

Hopefully, you can buy it from your nearby local shops. 

Which oil filter can you use as an alternative to Mopar?

If you can’t manage the Mopar oil filter, don’t worry, the following alternative will give you the same result. 

  1. PurolatorONE Oil Filter

Do you want to keep your vehicle safe upto 10,000 miles? If so, hopefully my next pick would help you. The manufacturer claims the efficiency rate of dirt filtering is 99%. Interestingly, this oil filter can remove 20 microns of particles. 

  1. Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

The manufacturer meets all OEM specifications to construct this oil filter. It’s filter media is made with synthetic and natural elements, hence making it excellent for dirt filtering. The efficiency rate is really blissful like 99.9%. Plus, it can filter the pollutants up to 14 grams. 

  1. Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter 

My top pick is Mobil made extended performance oil filter. If you want long-life performance, hopefully this top pick will help you. In its service period, you will get an efficiency rate of 99.6%. Hopefully amazing for the vehicle owner. Moreover, the media is fabricated with synthetic fiber. Overall construction hopefully helps you handle pollutants up to 28 grams. 

  1. AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter

My third pick is made of silicon and premium metal, hence making this accessory durable. The manufacturer uses a synthetic media to cover its filtering system. The overall construction seems great to cover a minimum one year of 15,000 miles. 

Who makes Mopar Motor Oil?

Similar to the Mopar oil filter, Mopar doesn’t produce motor oil. So, from whom Mopar brought the motor oil?

Well, ExxonMobil produced Mopar Motor Oil for many years. First, Mobil solely produced Mopar oil until it merged with Exxon. Apart from Mopar Motor Oil, Mobile also produces OEM-branded oils such as Honda, GM, Detroit Diesel, Toyota.

Worthwhile to say, two renowned car brands like Mercedes, Porsche choose Mobil-made engine oil as their service oil.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Are Mopar filters good?

Among the various oil filters, the Moper oil filter lies at the top of the list. Champion Labs manufactured this oil filter using synthetic and polyester fiberglass. Moreover, they used a bypass valve to reach the oil to the engine even though the filter is dirty. Another blissful feature is an anti-drain back system which will help you to keep aside dry start. 

  1. Are Mopar oil filters synthetic?

The manufacturer uses synthetic fiber in the filter section. That filter section will help in passing oil from the engine. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, I can cover all the parts regarding who makes Mopar oil filters. If you are looking for an oil filter for your vehicle, you can pick tension-freely. My research said that this useful accessory is made from three different renowned oil filter manufacturers. However, if you have any query, please notify, we will try to give you a short reply. 

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