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Best Rand McNally Truck GPS Reviews – Choose your truck GPS navigation

For advanced drivers, accurate GPS is an essential part of the equipment used to make driving easier. In fact, if you want to drive a truck to live, such modern technology is even more critical. 

If your advanced system is not working correctly or is still dependent on paper cards or your smartphone, you surely have to upgrade it. Today I am going to help you with our best Rand McNally Truck GPS available on the market.

However, Rand McNally Truck GPS is one of the most valuable products in this flagship. In addition to accurate navigation, these systems also have unique features that make life easier for truck drivers. So, let’s find out the best of it.

Comparison Chart of the Best Rand McNally Truck GPS:

Product NameDetails
Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro Truck GPS Tablet   A massive screen of 8”.
A built-in Bluetooth for auto connection.
Have a dashcam.
Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPSThe High definition vibrant display is seven inches.
Require external Wi-Fi to connect.
Get the update of weather, food, and fuel.
Rand McNally – OverDryve 7 Pro Truck NavigationThe display is seven inches.
Easy to use with a free Bluetooth connection.
Built-in dash cam for recording the travel.
Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck NavigatorA 7” touch display.
New carbon and ice interface.
Easy to set up and operate.
Best Rand McNally Truck GPS Comparison

Top 4 Rand McNally Truck GPS:

1. Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro Truck GPS Tablet 

The top pick in our list is the Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro GPS tablet. This truck GPS has come out with the most elegant features, making it the ultimate all-in-one. 

OverDryve has specially designed for a commercial controller. There is an 8-inch high-resolution screen that helps you to see all the essential details immediately. 

Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro 8" Truck GPS Tablet with Dash Cam and Bluetooth
  • Provides Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling & Texting
  • Streams Music, Podcasts & Audiobooks Directly on Phone

Also, this OverDryve 8 Pro features a SiriusXM satellite radio, which is in-built. You can play all your favorite SiriusXM radio stations through your stereo. Moreover, you can record your travels with the integrated dash-cam.

Navigation is, of course, more significant, along with the other features we’ve discussed. You may also find an image of a microphone that can launch the voice assistant of your phone, Google Now or Siri.  

No question about the interface, which is both users friendly and excellent. The device is easy to move while driving. But take advantage more, and it will be less enjoyable. 

The map is probably the most vital point to keep this in the top place, not the standard instinctive software that so far I know. So what else would you expect!

Key feature:

  • Award-winning product. 
  • Provide an update of the traffic, weather, and fuel cost of the route. 
  • You can play SiriusXM satellite radio stations with your device. 
  • Bluetooth enables texting, hand-free calling, google voice assistant, and Siri.
  • 8″ HD display.
  • Fast and updated Bluetooth feature.
  • An elegant dashcam.
  • ELD device integration.


  • All possible real-time updates you need. 
  • Bluetooth and a camera. 
  • SiriusXM radio stations.
  • Easy to hold


  • Google play store doesn’t work well here.

2. Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

The next one here on our list is the Rand McNally TND 740. This navigation system offers a vast area of Wi-Fi related services that includes fuel prices and weather updates.

This GPS device has also equipped with a live 7-inch HD screen with a convenient driver interface and upgraded maps. 

For faster performance, this GPS has come with the fastest Quad-core processor and dual storage space for route calculation. Faster TND 740 enables new lane control to prepare for oncoming or straight turns through difficult junctions. 

Moreover, this GPS contains more truck route information (about 35%) than other GPS units. It features moments of trial for truck drivers.

The audio output feature allows you to route audio from your device through your truck’s audio systems. Thus, you can hear more precise instructions when required. 

However, roads are constantly changing, so that you always have the right map. Also, you need to update maps several times a year.

Besides, you can easily connect to any Wi-Fi like a hotspot on your smartphone. They are free to update. If necessary, you can also add allowed routes.

You can set up alerts for tight turns, changes in the speed limit, and more. Just set up your warning distance and display settings. Worth every penny!

Key feature:

  • A 7″ HD display. 
  • Free map updates for a lifetime. 
  • Easy to use interface. 
  • The driver logs electric. 
  • You can operate multi functionally. 
  • 2 USB ports are available.


  • The processor is fast. 
  • Auto updated map. 
  • An HD vibrant display of 7″. 
  • Get the update of food, fuel, and hazard.


  • You have to connect through external Wi-Fi.

3. Rand McNally – OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation

The Rand McNally Overdryve Truck Navigation is our third choice. In fact, with an outstanding GPS, this is an all-in-one device and tablet. It is explicitly designed for the business driver. 

This robust truck navigation has built-in SiriusXM satellite radio, but you need a subscription for this. Also, you can enjoy Bluetooth, hands-free texting, and calling. It is your voice assistant! 

OverDryve 7 Pro connects essential business and driving features with in-cab fun for a comfortable and safe ride! However, the first installation was effortless!

Rand McNally - OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation with 7" Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and Free Lifetime Maps (7PRO)
  • Make Any Truck a Connected Truck(TM)
  • The Most Fully-Featured Premium Trucking Device On the Market

GPS works with Android 5.1 Lollipop or other versions, which can be a significant benefit for you. First of all, you need to connect directly to Wi-Fi without any connection issues. After that, you have to connect your Bluetooth connection smoothly. 

The messaging system works well. You must love that as you can talk and text without hands while driving! However, it is the most significant advantage for anyone because the music you usually listen to at home can hear in your car. 

In general, we believe the Rand McNally has done the trick with this fantastic product. Hope, it would be your worth investment!

Key feature:

  • A 7″ massive screen. 
  • Free lifetime map. 
  • Built-in Bluetooth connection.
  • Easy to use interface. 
  • You can play SiriusXM radio stations. 
  • The preloaded driver connects the logbook.
  • You can download music, apps, and audiobooks.


  • Easy to use
  • Auto updated map. 
  • Massive screen
  • Built-in dash cam and Bluetooth.


  • At sunlight, the product is overheated.

4. Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator

TND730 is the final selection in our list of the Rand McNally GPS reviews. This navigator is redesigned for both internal and external use.

It features a quicker processor, sleek new hardware, and updated maps and graphics on a massive 7-inch screen. 

The Rand McNally Truck Navigator is an advanced GPS navigator in this flagship. Thanks to this, it is easy to use and provides high accuracy. 

Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator
  • Two new interface options: Ice and Carbon
  • Updated look: New hardware, faster processor, new interface options, improved maps

Moreover, it can be a choice for any driver for it’s updated user interface, which makes it modern, enjoyable to use, and straightforward. This device measures 7.3″ x 0.8″ x 4.5″, and the weight is about 11 ounces.

It’s great that the screen size is 7″. These dimensions are also perfect because they combine the ideal ratio between screen size and device size. 

Besides, extended lane support has built into the device. Plus, the product is elegant with a modern interface and a unique perspective. The dock contains all the features required by a professional truck driver.

However, it will even help you determine fuel prices. Remember the fantastic feature of this device called “road construction”.

This lets you know about road construction sites more precisely. So, truck drivers can avoid those roads and save valuable time. We think you can go with it without thinking much.

Key feature:

  • Perfect for a commercial driver.
  • Updated map. 
  • New hardware.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Ice and carbon interface.
  • New lane guidance.


  • Massive touch screen
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Dual interface option.
  • Modern design with improved map


  • A bit expensive.

Why is the GPS of Your Smartphone Not Enough?

Most of the drivers now use built-in GPS applications for smart phones to follow all step-by-step instructions. There are countless options from Google Maps to Apple Maps, and your traffic information is excellent.

Unluckily, these apps have their limitations, and here we go for some reasons why the GPS of your smartphone is not enough:

1. Lack of Specific Cartographic Data for Trucks: 

GPS applications have often intended for car drivers. Many roads are restricted by limiting vehicles or trucks with a lower speed limit and above a specific size and weight. GPS apps also do not notify drivers of those details.

2. Its Operation is Independent of Mobile Service: 

GPS uses radio waves and, therefore, do not have blind spots for the lack of mobile services. There are still various routes without much data coverage, and you need your device to wander around to receive a signal. Luckily, GPS technology has not influenced by this issue.

3. Exclusive Services on Emergency: 

Even if there is no local emergency access or mobile coverage, several GPS systems will immediately connect you to emergency services. You can also report your whereabouts to emergency services. 

4. Battery Life: 

If you turn your smart phone on all the time and in a given direction, your battery will be depleted and may be less useful for other functions that you may need. 

On the other hand, individual GPS devices are usually charged by the cigarette lighter and cannot contend with another purpose for battery consumption.

How Do Your Truck GPS Work?

The system has connected to a mobile network and a satellite network. You have already installed the maps and instructions. 

Using the interface, GPS allows the driver and the tracked person to know the exact position of your truck. 

However, some GPS contains a camera on the go. From effective management to client gratification, GPS is gradually becoming a necessity for our life.

That’s why you have to go for a high-quality GPS truck to stay forward of the competition.

What to Consider Before Buying The Best Truck GPS?

You will find lots of truck GPS available in the market. But no all the product is suitable for you. You have to buy the best device from your hard-earned money, so not put the money in the water. 

So here we go for a few things to consider before buying the best truck GPS.

1. Size of the Screen:

Most GPS systems are available in different sizes. For making it easier to read, the GPS trucker tablet must be 5″ or more. It won’t easy to view and utilize the touch screen if it is small. 

Large filters are also useful because the truck’s windshield is more significant than that of a rider car. Even an 8-inch size has done the trick without interfering with your vision.

2. Approved Roads:

You will get a detailed route from the right GPS for a truck. But different systems contain different characteristics. 

For instance, a few may include a 3D picture of a street, and for a more precise view, you can zoom in. Individual units will also include approved truck routes and re-routing in case you avoid a turn.

3. Fuel Areas and Prices:

The GPS can locate fuel stops and fuel costs at these locations. In fact, it enables drivers to choose the most profitable fuel suppliers. Park owners may also control engine speed and idle speed that can negatively affect fuel consumption.

4. Traffic Warnings:

An advantage of an excellent GPS is that the data is updated continuously. So, it allows you to get the newest information on traffic accidents, road construction, and other obstacles.

Systems carry additional toll warnings, steep slopes, and other things that can affect the route.

5. Mounting Opportunities:

The GPS on a truck must have a reliable support system, so you need not hold in your hands or place it in an unsafe location. Most compact GPS devices have mounting hardware to install them in a secure and visible area.

6. Traveler Registration:

This function allows you to watch data on fuel, hours of operation, driving status, idle time, and mileage. 

Most truck GPS is automated, which means the data will send from several trucks to the server. However, it enables line managers to monitor drivers and solve any problems.

7. Driver Help Features:

This add-on can be handy. Few GPS systems guide you through points of attention during your trips, such as recreation areas, hotels, restaurants, and repairing and hauling facilities.

You can also check the nearest medical centers, police, and other essential services if needed.

8. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity:

Some GPS devices have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology that enables drivers to use a hands-free system. In fact, you can control your device with your speakers and microphone instead of the hands. 

So, you can keep an eye on the street and reduce distractions. Some of them also contain ports for smartphones, backup cameras, and other devices.

9. Passive monitoring vs. real-time monitoring:

Line managers often use this feature. The passive monitoring system gathers data about the truck driver’s trip, which you can access later. On the other hand, the real-time monitoring system applies satellites to get real-time information about the truck driver’s journey.


Question 1: Is Rand McNally GPS Useful?

If you go for Rand McNally, chances are you think of writing maps first, not GPS navigation.

With a highly precise GPS antenna base, comprehensive smartphone combination, and an easy interface, Rand McNally, is the most reliable GPS for cars in general. It is used as a tablet when removed from its core as well.

Question 2: What Should I Do If My GPS Truck Does Not Respond?

  • At first, from the power source, unplug your device and switch it off for almost 13 minutes.
  • Next, please turn it on. Find and hold the reset button if this does not work.
  • Connect the GPS module to a power source again.
  • Contact the brand technical support for help if this issue persists.

Question 3. How often does my GPS transmit updates?

It based on the particular model you are using. Some are updated more frequently to keep you updated on road changes such as construction projects, speed limits, and features of interest.

They come annually and are plentiful, as expected. Due to its size, it is better to connect to Wi-Fi than to a mobile hotspot.

Question 4.Is Garmin better than Rand McNally?

You cannot appreciate the entire brand, as the brands have different features and functionality to each advanced model, and that always brings benefits for the customers.

Garmin is the older brand than Rand McNally. So, people think Garmin better as the theory “old is gold”. But I would say Rand McNally is not far behind!

Final Verdict:

Rand McNally has introduced us with a large amount of excellent truck GPS with additional features.

All the products we have mentioned above are ideal for commercial drivers. But they will vary according to the requirement of the drivers. After considering all things, we have picked our top Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro Truck GPS Tablet.

Depending on your vehicle’s weight and size, you will be able to customize your route. With access to the attractions, you can plan your future travel, respectively. 

Besides, it can also record important information such as fuel consumption and operating hours. For those reasons, we ranked it at the top. This one is pretty good, but you cannot put away the others!

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