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7 Best Antenna for Bearcat 880: Guides and Reviews

The Bearcat 880 is an excellent option for you when looking for a proper explication for emergencies or outdoor use like camping. This radio has a solid design and has access to nearly 40 channels. But your device is not providing a clear sound, and you are not getting your entire favorite channel?

If the problem is like that, please don’t worry!!! We have a solution for you. We think, choosing the right antenna could be an easy solution to solve the problem you’re facing. This is why, we plan this review guide to decorate with the best ntennas for Bearcat 880 2021.

Today, we have brought some handy antennas and their reviews for you. They are pretty durable and long-lasting. However, even they can be your best friend of urgency with their premium features. By adjusting those with the Bearcat 880 can be the game-changer.

Let’s know about them!

Comparison Table for Antennas for Bearcat 880:

Before going through the exhaustive audit of the best Antennas for Bearcat 880, we’re here to uncover a table to facilitate your decision.  Let’s have a look at our correlation table of the seven best antennas for Bearcat 880.

Product NameFrequencyItem WeightProduct Dimension
CB Antenna 28 inch for CB Radio 27 Mhz  27Mhz1.2 lbs16 x 3.9 x 1.3 inches
CB Antenna 4″ Magnet Kit w/RG-58 Coax  26-30 MHz1.8 lbs38 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches
K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mount  26.9 – 27.4 Mhz1.9 lbs37 x 4.3 x 5.9 inches
WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil  26.965 – 27.405 mhz2 lbs5 x 6 x 37.5 inches
Bingfu CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna Soft Whip  27MHz  12 ounces2.36 x 10.24 x 0.79 inches
Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna  144-148 MHz/435-450 MHz1.1 lbs196.85 x 39.37 x 15.75 inches
FireStik FS-4BK 4′ (r) Ii Fs Series    26-27Mhz14.4 ounces48 x 2 x 2 inches
RankProduct NameScore
 LUITON CB Antenna 28 inch for CB Radio
LUITON CB Antenna 28 inch for CB Radio
 CB Antenna 4 inch Magnet Kit w/RG-58 Coax & Rubber Boot, TRAM 300
CB Antenna 4 inch Magnet Kit w/RG-58 Coax & Rubber Boot, TRAM 300
 K40 Model K-30 35 inch Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna, 300 Watts
K40 Model K-30 35 inch Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna, 300 Watts
 Bingfu CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna:
Bingfu CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna:
 FireStik FS-4BK 4 (r) Ii Fs Series Tunable Tip Cb Antenna - 900 Watts Black
FireStik FS-4BK 4 (r) Ii Fs Series Tunable Tip Cb Antenna - 900 Watts Black

Our Best Picks for Bearcat 880

In todays’ serious market, it is hard to pick the best items for your requirements. Nonetheless, to limit your inquiry, we enrolled the seven best Antennas for Bearcat 880. Let’s explore them!

1. LUITON CB Antenna 28 inch for CB Radio 27 Mhz:

This CB wireless aerial is 28 inches long, and it is viable with all CB Radio. This is ideally an excellent decision for your bearcat 880. So, let’s see how we say it is ideal for your use.

CB antenna 28” features:

  • Long & Taller Antenna – this will allow you to acquire a better range! Moreover, its 28 Inch long antenna is famous for its sharp directional pattern.
  • Comes With Full Kit & Magnetic Base – This thing incorporates a magnet mount with pre-introduced coil load, 10ft of coaxial link, and hardened steel whip.
  • Weather Channel Capacity – This facility will allow your radio to cover all CB frequencies.
CB Antenna 28 inch 27 Mhz CB Radio Antenna Full Kit with Heavy Duty Magnet Mount Mobile/Car Radio Antenna Compatible with President Midland Cobra Uniden Anytone by LUITON
  • LONG ANTENNA - Taller Antennas = Better Range! 28 Inch long for ultimate range & receiving!
  • FULL KIT - includes magnet mount with pre-intalled 10ft of coaxial cable, coil load, and stainless steel whip.


  • Easy to install: You won’t face any problems with the antenna as they are effortless to install and work wonderfully.
  • Great Magnet: The magnet is strong, and it didn’t shift at all after 50+ miles of off-road driving and 20 miles of highway/interstate driving.
  • Trustworthy Warranty Service: This item provides a warranty valid for 12 months against manufacturing defects with fast and helpful service.


  • You may face difficulties with its durability issue as some users report about it.

2. CB Antenna 4″ Magnet Kit w/RG-58 Coax & Rubber Boot, TRAM 300

This Antenna arrived in great shape with no bent issues; it even has the most accessible tune ever! Let’s see how it perfectly suits you.

CB Antenna 4″ features:

  • It offers a 300Watt power handling and 26 MHz-30MHz frequency range: Its power handling will provide less power consumption, and the freq range will improve the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Pre-tuned for all CB frequencies: There is no need to tune this antenna as it is already factory tuned to 26 MHz and 30 MHz. This antenna is made sturdy as it needs to work for years.
  • Excellent Transmit & Receive:17 ft. RG58A/U low-loss imprecision communication RF coax cable with tinned Cu braid 95% armor provides excellent transmission.
CB Antenna 4" Magnet Kit w/RG-58 Coax & Rubber Boot, TRAM 300
  • 35 7/16" Stainless steel tapered .100" (2.5mm) whip
  • Weather channel capability


  • 4″ Heavy-duty magnet: The magnet is strong, and it never even moved at 80 mph on the interstate highways.
  • Well made and long-lasting: This antenna tapered with 35 7/16″ Stainless steel and tinned copper that provide 95% shield.


  • Some adverse reports on the SWR issue, but this is not proved.

3. K40 Model K-30 35″ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna, 300 Watts

HOWEVER, the K-40 is ideal for the CBer who needs the most extreme execution from their receiving wire, however, in a more subtle, more adaptable design. Let’s have a look at it.

K40 Model K-30 35″ features:

  • Comes with Breakage preventing material: It’s 15′ Pre-Connected RG-58AU 95% Protected Coax Cable Stranded to Prevent Breakage. This makes the item more long-lasting.
  • 300-watt AM power handling capability: This item has a mighty power handling capacity! And this provides you a better service with less consuming power.
  • Base loaded coil facility: This 35″ stainless steel CB antenna has a base-loaded coil which provides enhanced conductance.
K40 Model K-30 35" Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna, 300 Watts , Black, 37 x 4.3 x 5.9 inches
  • 300 Watts Am Power Handling Capability (Icas)
  • 15' Pre-Wired Rg-58Au 95% Shielded Coax Cable Stranded To Prevent Breakage


  • 100% satisfying review: It is well packaged with no damage issue as the customer reviewed it
  • Excellent antenna for the price: It has a Stainless radiating element and plenty of coaxes if you need to do some creative routing.


  • It has no way to screw in the set screw – as it is normal for today’s use, but some users may face uneasiness with this facility.

4. WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

Little yet powerful, the “Little Wil” is the ideal decision for a position of safety radio wire with the most extreme execution. This will be an excellent choice for your Bearcat 880.

Wilson 305-38 300-Watt features:

  • Large 10-ounce magnet: Indeed, this will ensure that you can firmly attach it to your object in any condition!
  • Comes with High-Impact Thermoplastic with Low-Loss Coil Design: This facility will provide excellent safety issues.
  • A Robust Pl259 Connector: It will let your radio in interconnecting equipment and antennas.


  • Thicker Wire: The PL259 plug and coax seem to be of great quality and a bit thicker.
  • 36″ 17-7 PH Stainless Steel Whip Base Load Antenna consists of a straight flexible wire or rod, and it acts as a dipole.


Vehicle Discolor Issue: It has a good magnet, but beware of magnets on paint as it may discolor some paints on vehicles.

5. Bingfu CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna:

Viable with all handheld CB radios from numerous brands with a BNC connector, improve quality, and reach CB radio gathering. Here is the in-detailed discussion on this antenna.

Bingfu CB antenna features:

  • RG58/U Coaxial Cable with Length: 3m / 10 feet: This will provide greater bandwidth for each channel. Moreover, it supports a varied range of services.
  • It comes with a complete equipment package: Bingfu CB antenna provides 1 x Antenna, 1 x Connector Adapter, 1 x Magnetic Base, which offers easy installation.
  • It has 50 ohms of impedance.
Bingfu CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna Soft Whip Magnetic Base CB Antenna BNC & PL259 Male Compatible with Cobra Midland Uniden Maxon President Portable Handheld CB Radio Car Mobile Radio Scanner
  • Compatible with all handheld CB radios from many brand with a BNC connector, improve quality and range to CB radio reception. The antenna design is soft, flexible and durable, works on all channel within CB radio frequency range of 26MHz to 27 MHz.
  • Max Input Power: 30W; Frequency: 27MHz; Antenna Mounting Connector Type: BNC Male Connector; Length: 9.9 inch / 25cm; Weight: 420g;


  • Reliable: It stays in high winds, it’s been through multiple snowstorms, and it still works.
  • Portable rubber duckie antenna: this one has few metal parts, so you can expect it will not rust on top of your vehicle.


  • The customers give some adverse reports with compatibility issues with several old CB models.

6. Tram 1185 Amateur Dual-Band Magnet Antenna

This nineteen-inch receiving wire has a recurrence scope of 144-148 MHz/435-450 MHz and effectively mounts with a 3-inch magnet. Let’s explore the details.

Tram 1185 features:

  • Black Finish: Black finish provides Easy to clean facility and a warmer and softer finishing. Consequently, it will enhance durability.
  • Unity gain vhf/2.5 dbd gain UHF: definitely, this is an enormous performance! Moreover, it has a 12-foot rg-58 cable with UHF male Pl259.


  • Excellent SWR: ItsSWR is between 1.00 and 1.24 in most of the UHF and VHF operating range, which is impressive.
  • Powerful magnet and base: The base is excellent, and the magnet is powerful enough to cling to the metal inside your walls and stick without moving or sliding.


  • Some controversy on not working with 70cm.

7. FireStik FS-4BK 4′ (r) Ii Fs Series Tunable Tip Cb Antenna – 900 Watts Black

Assume you’re searching for a quality, elite CB radio wire that will give you incredible reach and last. Firestik values its excellent, USA-made hardware, and a 5-year substitution guarantee backs this radio wire. Let’s have a look at its features.

FireStick FS-4BK 4’ features:

  • Fiberglass Antenna: The fiberglass radio wire cover is light in weight, fantastic in wave entrance (more than 98%), different fit and detail, and appropriate for other unforgiving conditions.
  • It comes with a Tunable Tip & Strong TX/RX Performance.
  • Built-in the USA: This ensures Premium Quality Products with Your Health and Safety in Mind!
FireStik FS-4BK 4' (r) Ii Fs Series Tunable Tip Cb Antenna - 900 Watts Black
  • 5/8 Wave Length Design Rated @ 900 Watts
  • Can be Used in Single or Dual Configurations


  • Changing configuration: You can use it in a single or dual setup, which you prefer!
  • Hi-Performance Loading Coil: Indeed, it will improve the voice frequency.


  • They get some customer’s reports on some difficulty with attaching on alumina truck vehicles.

Final Verdict:

I love to explore new cities. That’s why I often go to uncertain destinies. And I use Bearcat 880 in my car for enjoying FM radios and getting weather and traffic updates. 

Moreover, I used different antennas for my Bearcat 880. And finally, I have stopped with the CB wireless 28 inches antennae. They have long antennae with all CB frequencies. And they are not only helpful but also aesthetic.

For me, these are the Best Antennas for Bearcat 880. But you can also try out others on the list. In fact, some of my friends use K40 and Wilson. But if you want to get your job done at a lower cost, you can go for Bingfu.

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