garmin dezl 580 reviews

Garmin dezl 580 Reviews

Who can resist himself from the addiction of trucking? It is gorgeous to have a technology that makes the trucking comfortable and enjoyable. The Garmin dezl 580 is the beautiful gift from the technology that eases the way of trucking.

Moreover, itis known as one of the stunning innovations by Garmin that features accurate reporting, advanced tracking, alerting software and brilliant mapping options.

Professional Truckers, on the other hand, always need an excellent way to plan the trucking route. Hence, This GPS Tracker helps you to find your best route plans.

Garmin dezl 580 Specifications:  

Nowadays, the market is overwhelmed with lots of brands of GPS tracker, and the manufacturers are waving at you to purchase their products, but the fact is that which one fits your requirements?

No worries!!! Here, we have brought you some specs of Garmin Dezl 580 that you learn and consider while adding this into your cart.

  • Dimension Measurement: 5.9 x 1 x 3.7 inches
  • Product Weight: 8 ounces
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Memory storage: 16 GB
  • Display: 5″
  • Display screen resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Durability: 1 year
  • Battery Runtime: 2 hours
  • Memory Card Slot: 1 x microSD

Features we like:

1. Break Planning:

The most attractive feature that you might fall in love with is its break planning feature. This GPS Tracker supports you with notifications of where to stop and when to stop.

Easy Break Planning

As a professional trucker, you might truck a long way, and you need to break at the point for your emergencies like taking rest, food, ATMs, Washrooms, etc.

Hence, the Tracker reminds you of the points where you halt your trucking for foods, rest, and fuel.

Moreover, it facilitates you with a directory that can navigate you to find nearby hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and tourist spots.

2. Route Planning:

Another unique feature of Garmin dezl 580 is its route planning system. Through this system, the truckers could plan their trucking routes.

Moreover, It contains the ins and outs of the North American maps, which updates regularly with situations.

Besides, these maps provide the truckers with detailed crucial information of bridge structures, weight range, zigzag roads, downhill, hospital zones, narrow passages, church areas, highways, cross-sections and what not.

Finally, The onboard Trip Planner helps you change the trucking routes solely with the one-touch on the screen and save future trips.

3. Voice Controls:

Using a cell phone while driving is harmful and risky indeed so, the dezl 580 comes with hands -free calling.

Also, this device features Bluetooth compatible Smartphones that can allow you for hands-free voice calls and texting to others.

Moreover, This tracker consists of the extra-loud speaker that allows you to record the conversations during heavy traffic uproars. Besides, the display of the tracker will enable you to read the texts without getting the cell from your pockets.

Finally, The tracker facilitates you to learn the updates of both weather and traffic conditions.

4. Directory of Services:

The Garmin Dezl 580 comes with the directory of services that compiles the addresses of different locations, restaurants, hotels, Wi-Fi zones, Parking areas, etc.

Moreover, It consists of more than 30,000 repair locations From North America where you can drop by for the maintenance and repair services.

5. Additional Features:

  • Dispatch and Track: The dispatch and track system of this navigator lets you track drivers and send messages, including delivery address.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: The Bluetooth compatibility of this unit enables you to take and make the calls though your phone is in your pocket.
  • Navigate with Ease: The active lane guidance (ALG) allows you to use brightly colored arrows and voice reminders to show the exact road needed for your journey.
  • Compatible with Garmin eLog Compliant ELD: The Garmin eLog Compliant ELD helps you automatically track and record hours of service.
Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator with 5-inch Display, Free Lifetime Map Updates, Live Traffic and Weather
  • 5.0” truck navigator with maps of North America, Plus free lifetime map updates and free Live traffic
  • Customized truck routing for the size and weight of your truck, Plus alerts for upcoming Bridge heights, weight limits.Display resolution:480 x 272 pixels

Garmin dezl 580 Pons and Cons

  • A very affordable Tracker
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime map updates for free
  • Cellphone Compatibility
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Voice Control System
  • Smaller In Size
  • Battery Runtime is Low

 Difference: Garmin Dezl 580 VS Garmin dēzl 780

Garmin dezl 580
Garmin dezl 780
Garmin Dezl 580
Garmin Dezl 780
Battery type
Battery type
Internal rechargeable battery
Internal rechargeable battery
Battery Runtime
Battery Runtime
2 hours
1 hour
Display Size
Display Size
It comes with a display that sizes 4.4 x 2.5″ / 11.18 x 6.35 cm, Diagonal Size: 5″ / 12.7 cm
The screen monitor’s size measures 6 x 3.5″ / 15.24 x 8.89 cm, Diagonal Size: 7″ / 17.78 cm
8.2 oz with the battery
15.4 oz with battery

Frequently asked questions for Garmin dezl 580 (FAQS):

Question 1: Is this GPS tracker expensive?

Answer: Not at all. The price is not too much lower or too much costly. The cost of this GPS tracker is moderate. The average level of customers can afford it very easily.

Question 2: Is this tracker Bluetooth Compatible?

Answer: Yes, This one is Bluetooth compatible and connected to the smartphones, and also it can hold the voice even during heavy traffic noise.

Question 3. Is this tracker lightweight?

Answer: Yes, it is. This GPS Tracker weighs at most 8.2 ounces with battery. So It is easy to carry.

Question 4. How much of expandable memory, micro SD will it hold?

Answer: Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator will get a microSD card up to 32GB in size.


We have been with the long description of the Garmin dezl 580, getting the ins and outs always helps one to find the perfect GPS Tracker for the user.

Garmin has always been celebrated for making the best GPS tracker on the market. So, we picked the best one from them.

Moreover, you can truck along with the break and learn the route details whenever you need.

Also, we tried to answer some of the questions regarding the Gps Tracker. We think this review will be some help for you to learn more regarding Garmin Dezl 580. 

Last but not least, if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

Get this Gps Trucker by Garmin and enjoy your trucking.

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