Rand McNally OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation Reviews 2023

GPS is a handy device for truck drivers. Once you can see all they do, switch from a smartphone app to a real one. Today I am here to help you find the right GPS navigator with Rand McNally – OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation review article. 

Rand McNally is working with the navigation system for so long. It doesn’t matter how long you intend to go. We recommend the OverDrive 7 Pro as the best all-in-one GPS for avoiding traffic, access to your smartphone, and more. Enjoy the article for having a precise idea!

Rand McNally - OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation with 7" Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and Free Lifetime Maps (7PRO)
  • Make Any Truck a Connected Truck(TM)
  • The Most Fully-Featured Premium Trucking Device On the Market

 Features at a Glance!

  • A 7″ HD screen. 
  • Dash cam 8 MP
  • Selfie camera 2MP
  • Free auto-updated map. 
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth connection.
  • The interface is easy to use. 
  • Play SiriusXM radio. 
  • 2W+3W mounting speaker.
  • The preloaded driver connects the logbook.
  • Download your favorite apps, music, and audiobooks.

General Feature:

  • For a long time, Rand McNally is working with dignity and commitment in the flagship of truck GPS.
  • Amazon calls it a “refurbished” product, which means it, is a tried and tested used device.
  • This is a Rand McNally 7″ screen model that acts as a first GPS device for the truckers. 
  • However, it features SiriusXM, and to get the most out of it, you will be able to hook it up to your truck’s stereo.
  • OverDryve Pro is a multifunctional dashboard designed especially for professional truck drivers. 
  • The elegant features such as robust truck navigation, inbuilt SiriusXM radio, Bluetooth, voice assistant, and hands-free support for the phone call and text messaging make it an excellent choice.
  • And finally, this GPS navigation connects vital business and in-cab entertainment for a secure connected vehicle.

Special Features:

In terms of design, the OverDryve 7 Pro is a fantastic instrument. This GPS track is specially designed for professional drivers, such as truckers. 

For everyone, it looks so modern and stylish. Also, it’s easy to use. Let’s find out more unique features.

1. Special Navigation for Truckers

Drive the road with the award-winning navigation of Rand McNally. Get real-time news on fuel prices, traffic, and weather updates based on your destination. 

Reliable truck Routing offers POI trucks, fare, alerts, fuel logs, new lane guidance, and much more.

2. Voice Alert

Receive advanced alerts for upcoming events such as bends, steep slopes, or tricky turns.  

3. Modern routing

Compare your routes, utilize multi-stop routes, and place crumbs. Also, in every route, you can set near about 50 locations.

4. Lifetime Updated Maps

Get updated maps for your device every year at for free. An unbelievable feature, I think!

5. A Quicker view

Enjoy a quick view of services such as tourist centers and gas stations upon arrival. And all that you can do within just one click.

6. Fuel Logs and Prices

See the prices of fuel on a map, track the purchases of fuel, and determine fuel consumption.

7. Service alerts

Set up your vehicle’s maintenance alerts. However, it will help you in many events.

8. Junction View in 3-D.

You can view all your upcoming routes in 3D modes using the lane guidance screen to manage complex nodes.  

9. Traffic

You can monitor the patterns of traffic based on the day of the week/hour and building updates. Also, you can have this service in rural states.

10.  Alerts

Set your alerts for the changes in the speed limit, tight corners, and much more. A handy feature indeed!

11. Weather Updates

View the current updates or pick from ten overlays of different maps, such as rainfall and wind velocity. 

12. Fares

You can see the estimated fares, compare free routes, plus plan routes to cut costs. This feature is beneficial for commercial drivers. 

13. POI listings

Complete information about weighs stations, tourist centers, support, and service centers.

14. Book of Address.

You will have your desired address in a group. Also, it can be arranged by distance and name. You have to set the custom POIs, and then select icons for displaying on the map. 

15. Updates of Road Constructions

Check out the most construction projects on your pathway and determine the alternative road if necessary. 

16. Fully integrated

This device integrates with the platform of DriverConnect for a comprehensive solution for fleet management.

17. ELD-ready

Record your journey with the inbuilt DriverConnect Rand McNally app. OverDryve Pro has the ELD ready feature, making it easy to connect to your DC 200 or ELD 50 device for a comprehensive online scheduling solution.

18. Hand-free Management with Onboard Camera

  • The GPS can work with voice commands.
  • Connect yourself with voice support.
  • Control the weather update.
  • Music playing.
  • Sending and receiving text messages.
  • Make calls, and much more just with your voice instruction!

Also, you can scroll through the menus using the high-resolution touch screen. As a trucker, you can track expenses with ELD and utilize the system’s online check-in feature. 

But the most notable feature is the presence of a DVR on the device. There are two cameras available on this device: one is facing backward, and the other is forward.

 With the built-in dashboard camera, you can record the journey and easily store and share videos.

From My Point of View:

After activation, you will see all the essential details. At first glance, you may see a bright 7-inch screen.

However, crucial details contain truck tools, communications, webcams, truck GPS, entertainment, and DriverConnect.

They all have their activities, so you need to get them. When you drive your vehicles, you can carry out so many beneficial things with this tool.

You can record your memorable hours as well. In that case, thank the pre-installed DriverConnect driver.

DriverConnect can even be considered the most wholesome feature of this GPS. You can also get your preferred music, podcasts, streaming audiobooks, and apps from this device. 

Thus, you will be able to listen to music plus other distraction while traveling. Moreover, you can utilize this GPS to save your journey using the inbuilt camera.

In fact, there are other advanced features like SiriusXM, lifetime auto-updated maps, and Bluetooth.

Rand McNally - OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation with 7" Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM, and Free Lifetime Maps (7PRO)
  • Make Any Truck a Connected Truck(TM)
  • The Most Fully-Featured Premium Trucking Device On the Market


  • Auto updated map for a lifetime. 
  • Easy to use interface.
  • 7″ HD display.
  • Dashcam and Bluetooth are inbuilt.
  • A selfie camera of 2MP.


  • Overheat in sunlight.
  • Hang or freeze in most cases.

Final Verdict:

In most cases, you need more than just what your smart phone’s GPS provides you. If you desire to save the battery of your phone or use a dedicated way for additional functions, a navigation system is always available for you. 

There are many different navigation systems available, but people who want the best that will guide around the states, this OverDryve 7 Pro Truck Navigation is an excellent solution. Enjoy your ride!

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