Jegs 80077 Review – Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Choosing JEGS 80077 is a great investment you will never have to regret. It is one of the best 3-ton floor jack for both professional and beginners use. It is a low-profile floor jack made with amazing and top quality materials and professional finish.

The floor jack does a decent work at lifting cars that are very low on the ground. Its capacity is one of the things you should never overlook as it can effortlessly lift heavy-duty vehicles and sports cars within the range of 0 to 6000 pounds in weight.

Its construction from aluminum makes it durable and as well enhances the lifespan of the jack. One of the interesting aspects which boost one’s performance with the jack is the secure valve, which prevents you from overloading it and the back saddle that rotates the floor jack in the 360-degree movement for better movement and placement.

JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack | 3 ½ Inch Minimum Saddle Height | Lightweight Construction | 360 Degree Rotating Saddle
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION allows you to roll jack around with ease
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN lifts from 3 ½ to 19 ¼ inches

JEGS 80077 Features

Certified stamp

You should know there is a standard security requirement for floor jacks to ensure they are safe for users to use. So many people have got injured as a result of the use of some floor jacks that are not certified. However, the JEGS 80077 meets and exceeds the safety requirement of ASME PALD 2014 standards, which makes it safe to use.


If you are getting a floor jack, you should consider the durability as it determines the lifespan of the jack. It is no surprise that the JEGS 80077 is durable and tough as its construction incorporates aluminum, which makes it last longer than others.

Car Safety

Some lift jacks are made without the safety or care of your car at heart. Some end up leaving marks or damages on cars. But with this jack, you have a rubber lift pad on it, which helps to prevent marring. That makes it safe to use on any vehicle.

Lift Height

The floor jack can lift heavy-duty vehicles without any hassles as it commands a capacity of about 6000 pounds. It can walk under low profile car and lift with a minimum height of 3 ½ for low clearance vehicles and 19 ¼ inches for the maximum height.


The floor jack is a heavy-duty tool that can be quite difficult to carry for anyone. However, it has dual side handles which can be used to carry the floor jack from one place to another without stress. Also, it comes with wheels that make it easier for you to move without the need for you to carry most times.


  • It has rubber lift pad to prevent marring
  • The knurled grip on the jack reduces spillage
  • Dual side handles for easy movement from one place to another
  • Seals protect the hydraulic system from contaminants
  • Overloading and bypass valve present to prevent damages
  • Wide track wheel for easy movement since it is very heavy to move
  • Portable and durable


  • It has no significant setback

Who is JEGS 80077 for?

If you work in a mechanic workshop or an automotive company that demands the lifting of vehicles to fix one thing or another, you might want to consider JEGS 80077. Those who own their car can also opt for this jack for emergency cases where you need to change your tire without calling on professional mechanic personnel.


If you are a fan of JEGS and you need a reliable and durable floor jack that can serve you for a long period, then you should consider JEGS 80077. It is one of the best considering its quality, the materials used in its construction, and its efficiency at what it is designed to do.

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