Arcan ALJ2T 2-ton Aluminum Floor Jack Review

Nothing can be compared to having the right tool for the job. If you ever find yourself in need of a low-profile aluminum jack with 2-ton capacity? You should look no further and embrace Arcan all2t Jack for its construction, design, and features.

The floor jack weighs just about 50.4 pounds, which is not difficult to move around. If you have a car or you work as a mechanic with the task to change tires or fix anything under a low-profile car, this jack is the best for you.

It is referred to as a low-profile floor jack because it easily slips under cars as little as 3 ½ inches of ground clearance. It makes it so easier for you to raise any car that is very close to the ground without hassles.

Arcan ALJ2T 2-ton Aluminum Floor Jack Features

That which makes arcan alj2t distinct and unique among the rest of the floor jacks is the features and here are few you should know:

swivel caster wheels

Due to the weight of the floor jack, you might be discouraged in choosing it for a much more lightweight jacket, but you have nothing to worry about. The construction integrates ball bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheels and wide track front wheels, which helps to give smooth rolling that helps to easily position the jack where you want it and also give superior stability.


The toughness of the arcan alj2t floor jack can never be overlooked, and it barely has any other jacks that can compare with it on the level. It has thick side plates and a reinforced lift arm. Also, it has a bypass and overrated valves that help to ensure you do not overload the hydraulic rim through extension.

Fast pumping

The floor jack has rapid action of dual pump pistons, which makes it easier for anyone to raise the two-stage jack up to its maximum height. The selling point of this jack is that the piston has a dust shield system which prevents the hydraulic rim from getting contaminated, thereby ensuring the pump operates smoothly.


The floor jack has the ability to lift load up to 3 tons despite the fact that it is a 2-ton floor jack. The abundance of its capacity makes it ideal for trucks, cars, SUVs as it boasts of raising load from 3 ¾ inches as the minimum height and 18 ¼ inches as the maximum lift height.

Added features for users’ convenience

  • Rubber saddle pad
  • Heavy-duty strong side handles for easy movement
  • Foam handle bumper which protects against scratching or dinging vehicles
  • Thick frame side plates


  • It can easily get under any car because of the low to the ground structure
  • The fast and quick two-stage lift mechanism of the lift jack needs only 12 pumps to lift vehicles to their maximum height
  • The rubberized pad protects the vehicle from colliding with other parts of the metal jack
  • It is made from lightweight aluminum material
  • It is capable of lifting small to midsize vehicles
  • Overloading system is integrated to protect the jack and users
  • Ideal for roadside emergencies or garage use


  • It is heavy and a bit difficult to handle
  • You might experience leakage

Who should use arcan alj2t?

If you are a car owner and your car is very low to the ground, you need a low-profile jack to carry out some tasks easily. You might get faced with the task of changing your tires in an emergency situation, and the arcan alj2t is the best choice.

Also, for those who are mechanic both for a private and commercial firm, you need arcan alj2t because not all cars are the same, and you might likely have to deal with a low-profile car.


Before you decide using the arcan alj2t to lift a load, ensure you have gone through the instruction and user manual on how to operate the floor jack. It is important that you consider the recommended lifting surfaces for you to have smooth lifting performances with the jack. One of the reasons you should choose above some others is its easy mode of operation and the safety measure in place to keep users safe.

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