Garmin dezl 780 Review – An Unbiased Guide For 2023

Honestly, driving was tedious and challenging for the professional driver until the invention of the GPS tracker.

However, choosing the perfect and useful GPS tracker for your Trucks means winning the half battle.

Hence, the Garmin dezl 780 review will give you suggestions regarding the best Truck GPS tracker that you look for as a smart customer. We are pretty sure you will get out of this article with a choice in your mind.

Moreover, A Tracker with flaws can affect your trucking game a lot. So, we suggest getting a GPS tracker that satisfies you with every shot you hit.

Garmin dezl 780 review:


In these hectic days, People are so busy that they cannot have enough time to judge a product from different eye views.

However, we are ready to mention some technical specs of this GPS tracker that will ease your ways to judge this product.

  • Dimension Measurement: 7.8 x 1 x 4.7 inches
  • Product Weight: 15.4 oz
  • Durability: 1 year
  • Screen Size: 7″
  • Battery Runtime: 2 hours
  • Display screen resolution: 1024 x 600 Pixels
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Display Type: Touchscreen

The Box contains:

  • A Portable GPS navigation device for trackers
  • A Powered magnetic mount
  • A Suction cup mount
  • The Setup and Configuration sheet

Features we like:

1. Route Plan:

The thing is obvious that Route planning is one of the best features of the Garmin Dezl 780 GPS tracker. This GPS tracker comes with a map that will guide you to a good and perfect route.

Moreover, it will warn you about the rough and harsh conditions of the roads you drive on, especially regarding the downhills, cross-sections, diversion, bridge structure, sharp curves, steep grades, etc.

Finally, it will suggest you a suitable route for trucking out of rough roads, excessive bridge heights, and overload.

2. Easy Break Planning:

Another fantastic feature the Garmin dezl comes with is its break planning system. It will simplify your trucking on the road.

Besides, Dēzl 780 LMT-S truck navigator allows you to stop at the point where you need to have your necessities like food, fuel, baths, ATMs, Wi-Fi, etc.

Also, This Tracker features truck parking data that will guide you where to park your vehicles.

3. Free Live Services:

Do you want to learn about the live updates of the route and traffic conditions through your iPhone or Android smartphone?

A Smartphone Link app that pairs with the Dezl 780, can provide you with the vital information of the weather, traffic, and many more related to the trucking.

4. Service Facility:

Everything is uncertain in this world. If any sudden problems with the vehicle happen while trucking, the Truck & Trailer Services directory will provide you with a list of about 30,000 repair and service shops both from the US and Canada.

Moreover, the tracker facilitates you with a service history log where you can store the dates and times of the service taken.

5. Backup Camera:

The backup camera intends to help you to support the thing you can see what is happening behind your truck.

Moreover, the dēzl 780 LMT-S truck navigator comes with the Garmin BC 35 wireless backup cameras.


  • A very affordable Tracker
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime map updates for free
  • Cellphone Compatibility
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Hands-free calling
  • Durable
  • Easy Voice Control


  • Battery Runtime is Low
  • Slow tablet
  • Lacking information on one window

Difference: Garmin Dezl 780 VS Garmin dēzl 770

Garmin Dezl 780:

  • Battery type:This tracker contains an internal rechargeable battery.
  • Battery Runtime: The battery serves you for 1 hour with a single charge.
  • Display Size: The screen monitor’s size measures 6 x 3.5″ / 15.24 x 8.89 cm, Diagonal Size: 7″ / 17.78 cm.
  • Weight: Its weight is 15.4 oz with battery.
  • Waypoints: they are not applicable in this tracker.

Garmin Dezl 770:

  • Battery type: This tracker, like the Garmin dezl 780, also contains an internal rechargeable battery.
  • Battery Runtime: Once you charge the battery, it will last for 1 hour.
  • Display Size: It comes with a display that sizes 6 x 3.4″ / 15.24 x 8.64 cm, Diagonal Size: 7″ / 17.78 cm.
  • Weight: This GPS Tracker weighs 15.4 oz with the battery.
  • Waypoints: 1000 waypoints are there available in this tracker.


Question 1: Does the 780 include free lifetime map updates?

Answer: It doesn’t charge any money for updating the maps. However, Garmin has removed “Lifetime” from the description of their map updates.

Question 2: Does the camera work while using GPS?

Answer: Yes, It does. The camera intends to record a dashcam video while you are using the GPS features for navigation.

Question 3: How much of expandable memory, micro SD will it hold?

Answer: Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator will get a microSD card up to 16 GB in size.

Question 4: Is this Tracker lightweight and a compact design?

Answer: Out of the most effective Gps Tracker in the market, this one is slightly heavier in weight. It weighs 15.4 oz with the battery.

Question 5: Is this Tracker Bluetooth Compatible?

Answer: Yes, This one is Bluetooth compatible and connected to the smartphones, and also it can hold the voice even during heavy traffic noise.


Garmin dezl 780 is a beautiful product from Garmin that will ease your navigation on the road. The Garmin Dezl 780 review has outlined some aspects that will pull you to buy this product out of many in the market.

We hope our review will be of some help to you to find the best GPS tracker out of the market.

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