TomTom Trucker 600 Review 2023

A good quality truck GPS is undoubtedly the best companion for the truck drivers. TomTom Trucker 600 is the name of trust and reliability to the truck drivers indeed. 

TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device - GPS Navigation for Trucks
  • Get customized routes for your vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed, making your journeys more time efficient with this truck gps navigation device; Customized truck routing takes the guesswork out of driving
  • Save on driving time by conveniently pre planning a route anytime and anywhere with my drive; Customize journeys with preferred roads or stops, and sync the route to your trucker gps

For the route plan and avoiding unprecedented pitfalls, a TomTom trucker is a must device that will relieve your tension while trucking to a long way.

However, You might think whether this GPS tracker works excellent or not. Well, Stay on the article until I end. I am pretty sure you will learn a lot about the product you are confused about. 

Just be sure you read the whole to get all the important details about the product. 

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In these hectic days, people are very busy with their jobs and have less time to investigate a product correctly and choose the perfect tomtom GPS for their trucks. 

No worries!!! The specs of TomTom Trucker 600 will help you to choose the perfect one.

• Dimension Measurement: 6.69 x 0.94 x 4.13 inches

• Product Weight: 10.6 ounces

• Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery required

• Display: 6 inches

• Display technology: 16:9 capacitive widescreen

• Included Components: Click & Go Mount, USB cable and car charger, Quick start guide, Adhesive Disk

Features we like:

1. Customized Truck Routing

The Trucker 600 GPS Device touches the limestone for its amazing customized truck routing feature. A smart, versatile GPS device that caters to your trucks type, size, weight, cargo, etc can ease your way of trucking.

Furthermore, it will attract you for its amazing real-time arrival scenario and makes your journey more exciting and efficient. 

2. Lifetime Truck Maps

Lifetime Truck Map updates are an excellent feature for the tomtom users. They will allow you to drive with the latest maps without any cost.

You can download up to 4 Truck Map updates every year and avoid unnecessary surprises on your journey.

3.Lifetime TomTom Traffic

The tomtom traffic alert system helps the users more surprisingly with its amazing prediction ability regarding traffic. 

Moreover, you can enjoy a faster route with Lifetime TomTom Traffic free of cost through your smartphone. So you can arrive on time as planned.

4.Bluetooth Compatibility: 

The Bluetooth compatibility of this unit enables you to take and make the calls though your phone is in your pocket. 

5. Additional Features:

· MyDrive Pre-Planning: Through MyDrive, one can easily save the driving schedule correctly and can go on the long trip any moment and any distance.

Moreover, It Customizes trips with selected highways, bridges, or stops, and sync the route to your truck GPS. Be ready to go and enjoy your long journey and happily.

· MyDrive Favorites: It will help you to go for a trip to your favorite addresses, Points of Interest, and routes.

Besides, It will customize your maps anytime and anywhere, which is the extra benefit for the users. 

· MyDrive Real-time traffic: you can learn the traffic congestion ahead of time, and you can avoid the jams. 

Moreover, You can save time if you learn the traffic points. 

·   MyDrive Points of Interest: You can customize your routes by importing Points of Interest from MyDrive on your computer. Add your preferred stops, making it easy to pre-plan maps your way.

. Navigate with Ease: The active lane guidance (ALG) allows you to use brightly colored arrows and voice reminders to show the exact road needed for your journey. 


• A very affordable Trucker

• Easy to use

• Lifetime map updates for free

• Bluetooth Compatibility

• Rechargeable battery

• Voice Control System


• Smaller In Size

• Battery Runtime is Low

Difference: TomTom Trucker 600 VS TomTom Trucker 520

TomTom Trucker 600:

• Product Dimensions: It comes with a dimension that sizes 6.69 x 0.94 x 4.13 inches.

• Weight: This tomtom truck GPS weighs 10.6 ounces. 

• Screen Size: The screen size of this truck GPS is around 6 inches.

• Display technology: The display technology comes with 16:9 capacitive widescreen.

TomTom Trucker 520:

• Product Dimensions: The trucker with the dimension of 5.58 x 3.58 x 0.8 inches has crossed the hearts of the customers. 

• Weight: Its weight is 21.6 Ounces. 

• Screen Size: The screen measures 5 inches.

• Display technology: The display comes with LCD technology. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQS):

Question 1: Is TomTom Truck Gps expensive?

Answer: Not at all. The price is not too much lower or too much costly. The cost of this GPS tracker is moderate. The average level of customers can afford it very quickly. 

Question 2: Is this truck Gps Bluetooth Compatible?

Answer: Yes, This one is Bluetooth compatible and connected to the smartphones, and also it can hold the voice even during heavy traffic noise.

Question 3:What is the screen measurements of this truck GPS?

Answer: For the clear view and perfect resolution, it comes with a 6-inch screen. 


We have been with the details of the TomTom Trucker 600, getting the ins and outs always helps one to find the perfect tomtom truck GPS for the users. 

TomTom has always been celebrated for making the best truck GPS on the market. So, we picked the best one from them. 

Moreover, you can track along with the break and learn the route details whenever you need it. 

Also, we tried to answer some of the questions regarding truck GPS. We think this review will be some help for you to learn more regarding TomTom Trucker 600. 

Last but not least, if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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