Rand Mcnally TND 730 Review

Randy McNally is famous for truck and route maps, so they have more than just other highly trusted products specifically for truckers like GPS navigation. If you want to compete with the Garmin or TomTom GPS navigators, the Rand Mcnally TND 730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator can be your best choice. However, this review guide will clear your idea. Let’s find the most of it!

Rand Mcnally TND 730 Some Features to Look at :

  • An excellent option for a commercial driver.
  • A 7″ HD display.
  • Wi-Fi connection included.
  • Modern and improved map. 
  • Advanced lane guidance.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 16GB internal storage.
  • New hardware.
  • 2400 mAh Li-ion battery.
  • Get millage, timers, and maintenance alert.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Street address information is dynamic.
  • Ice and carbon interface.
  • 35% more truck routing information.
  • Multi-stop routing.
  • 1-year warranty. ( it may change , check before you buy)
Rand McNally TND730 IntelliRoute GPS Truck Navigator
  • Two new interface options: Ice and Carbon
  • Updated look: New hardware, faster processor, new interface options, improved maps

 General Feature:

  • Things that make the TND730 very special is the connection to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and is perfect for getting the map, fuel prices, traffic, and weather update on the go. It looks like a must needed feature when you are a truck driver and drives in several states!
  • The dimension of this product is 7.3×0.8×4.5 inches, and weighs about 11.7 grams and has a visually bright screen.
  • With an available GPS, you will be able to enter and change your information and destination maps.
  • When you purchase, you will receive a browser, windshield having the suction cup, a car charger, a swiftly starting guide, and a USB cable.
  • The notable features you’ll see on the Rand McNallyTND730 include a battery indicator that lets you know about the charging status and low battery. 
  • However, you will find an on / off button to turn on the device and off. The button allows you to enjoy the grand features.
  • Also, you can use the device with an additional speaker or with the video input of the rearview camera.
  • For attaching extra data of the map, you will have a slot for a microSD card and a USB port for connecting to a charger.
  • To reboot the device, you have to use the reset button also denies any information downloaded to the device.


Special Feature that we like:

The Rand McNally 730 GPS Navigator is a well-built device with a 7″ screen, which guarantees a clear and crisp image.

Having too many features and functions, especially for trucks, will be an essential tool that will help you a lot in your work. 


1. Logs and Timers:

A particular function like logs and timers is crucial to you as it monitors routing and mileage records. Also, you can utilize it to assign reports or update services.

2. Quality Construction Materials:

This TND 730 has high-quality materials and a user-friendly interface. Installation is effortless, thanks to the suction cup support system that keeps your browser firm and vibration-free. 

Though the device is large enough, the support system, along with the suction cup keeps it safe.

However, the magnetic rail has made it straightforward to disassemble and reconnect to the GPS by simply dragging it up.

3. Voice Assistant:

This device supports voice assistant, which is clear and louder. Also, you can display speed, allowed speed limits, and return times.

The TND730 is a truck-specific tool that has been carefully designed to meet all the requirements of truckers and is not a plaything for passengers.

 4. Especially for Truckers:

Rand McNally TND 730 is a handy tool for commercial truck drivers who travel a lot and work on heavy trucks that require specialized tools and routes.

As a dedicated truck tool, all functions are customized for a particular truck stop such as parking lots and rest areas.

However, weighing stations are simple to utilize and make it convenient and even enjoyable to drive your truck.

5. Connectivity:

The USB cable allows you to connect your device to the computer and update it when you need it, especially if you look for an updated map for the lifetime.

You will find two new interface options called “ice” and “carbon.” And don’t forget the improved maps, faster processor, enhanced lane control, and new hardware!

Since they are compatible with many of Rand McNally’s other online solutions, you can use them easily over Wi-Fi to monitor traffic, fuel prices, weather, and other useful stuff.

All in all, we like Rand McNally TND 730, and if you accept the fact, you probably have to purchase GPS truck navigation within 12 months.

However, it is an excellent device and contains plenty of apps that are useful enough and work well. 


  • Large visible touch screen
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Double interface.
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Modern design.


  • A little expensive than we expect.
  • Battery life is not up to the mark.

Final Verdict:

If you read this review,  you will conclude that it brings a lot of new features for you. Also, it may add actual value and help you to reach your destination with less hassle along the way. 

So, the examples include live data and weather forecast data to record wind velocity along with your route, roadmap updates, and improved route planning for trucks. 

You will be able to find truck-friendly spots quickly from everywhere along with the route. 

And finally, I will say you can use this device without any complication and hassle on the go with its many options and features, especially for trucks. 

If you need a powerful tool, you can get the TND730 Rand McNally Truck Navigator GPS, and it will move like the wind wherever you go!


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