Rand Mcnally TND 740 Reviews – Does It worth the Penny!

Why do you need to buy a GPS where you have GPS on your Smartphone? If you drive frequently, you have to get the answer. I hope through this Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS; you will have a clear idea about it.

However, in GPS apps, you may need a powerful battery, which drains your phone at an alarming rate.

On the other hand, car GPS utilizes the power output of your car charge, preventing any battery drain problems. High-quality GPS devices have an inbuilt battery that assists for several hours.

Rand McNally is a famous GPS device in this industry, and TND 740 is an exclusive model. So, find the features of it!


Some Features at a Glance!

  • A 7″ vibrant display. 
  • Multifunctional operations.
  • GPS vehicle navigation
  • Automap updates for a lifetime. 
  • Driver logs are electric. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Routing is truck specific.
  • Report vehicle inspection.
  • Lane guidance and assistance are advanced.
  • HOS alerts.
  • Dual USB ports.

General Feature:

  • Rand McNally TND 740 has come with a Wi-Fi-related value-added service that renders the information you need anytime.
  • If you want to have the weather update and current prices of fuel in your location, this GPS device will help you.
  • With a 7-inch HD real-time screen, which has a smooth and user-friendly feature for any driver, even you can see better while driving.
  • The GPS features a fast quad-core processor along with a dual storage for the quicker route estimate with greatly improved maps, especially for truck drivers.
  • After a test, it is clear that the GPS has 35% more data of truck than most other GPS receivers. However, the TND 740 prepares you for an upcoming turn or critical intersection with its modern lane administration system. 


Why It Worth Every Penny!

TND 740 is a special edition in this Rand McNally GPS industry. Let’s find out why it’s worth the money.

1. Easy to Use:

Rand McNally TND 740 is based on the order of external simplicity and internal complexity. The whole device is a touch screen without any buttons, and you don’t have to install anything. 

The mount is magnetic, and the unlocks system makes it easy to detach and store if don’t use it. Also, you can easily detach the plastic clips that break or lock over time.

However, this device functionality tends to become as simple as possible. All it takes to get going is to set a destination and then calculate a route, though it allows much more than just navigation. 

It has made the TND 740 an ideal device for truck drivers who don’t have a lot of experience. Also, this device is perfect for those who don’t desire to spend plenty of time for calibrating or installing their GPS device.

2. Superior Route Planning Capabilities:

However, those looking to take the time to explore the skills of the TND 740 will notice that it can be paid quickly in terms of time and money thanks to their exclusive truck-focused software.

An entrance to remote Wi-Fi, which must be administered by the truck driver, can analyze and display local prices for fuel, motels, and foods. Also, through the Wi-Fi, you can get whether the place is suitable for truck parking or not. 

However, it not only saves money as the truck drivers can interpret their route and pre-select stops but also protects them from having to change their views. That’s because they cannot carry their truck at the scheduled stop.

3. E-Logging:

Many GPS devices offer E-logging, and even phone apps provide similar features. Thus, Rand McNally guarantees the superiority of the TND 740, allowing you to write data from any compatible Rand McNally ELD device. 

However, that makes it a valuable tool for autonomous operators who want to investigate and reduce their costs. Also, it is suitable for fleet owners that wish to statistics on what the trucks are doing.

Logs for about six months in length can be analyzed and stored with built-in measurements that are efficiently and swiftly performed by a quad-core processor and embedded software.

It allows even novice truck drivers to determine quickly the best way to drive their truck. Also, it optimizes the performance and profitability of your truck.

4. Constant Updating of Maps: 

Another advanced feature of the Rand McNally TND 740 is the regular map updates. When a model of the latest map is kept on the device to work if Wi-Fi is unavailable, the map is updated each time by reconnecting to the home server.

The map is also updated regularly to reflect the present traffic situation and to include it in your itinerary, suggesting new routes if traffic occurs even in the rural areas.

However, it is especially useful in adverse weather or any unexpected road accidents as it allows trucks to change lanes or take a detour immediately after driving quickly.


5. Dynamic Map: 

Nearly all currently available GPS devices can map roads, and a few can measure traffic. Still, the Rand McNally TND 740 has a potent ability to represent many types of information at once. 

For instance, this map can display not only the currently selected route and possible alternatives but also show the current weather update, which allows drivers to predict when routes will change accurately or stop worrying about bad weather.

This map provides lane guidance to prevent fast truck changes or last-minute exits. It can even display helpful warnings, such as steep hills, sharp turns, impending speed traps, or other possible hazards.

The Most Important:

Most importantly, to suit your driving style with Custom Alerts, you can customize the GPS device.

You can also set alerts for changes in speed limits, tight turns, etc. Set the display and signal distance. Individual routes for hazardous substances are a handy addition. 


  • The Quad-core fast processor.
  • A vibrant display of 7″. 
  • Auto magnetic mount
  • Auto real-time updated map. 
  • Get all updates about fuel, food, and hazard.


  • Start-up requires external Wi-Fi.
  • ELD hardware is required for E-logging

Final Verdict:

All in all, the TND 740 is very straightforward to use and provides a wealth of useful information to help truck drivers minimize costs and optimize the route, and make the best decisions over and over again. Therefore, it probably pays off quickly.

I think after reading this review, your idea will be clear. It is a gift for truck drivers in the 20th century. So buy one for yourself and enjoy a happy driving!

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