Who makes SuperTech Oil Filters?

Buying a car isn’t a short-term investment; instead, the user wants to get long-term amenities from it. Interestingly, the more amenities you get from a car, the more cost will occur behind the maintenance cost. One of the maintenance costs is associated with the changing oil filter.

The market is full of various types of oil filters, but all can’t satisfy you by ensuring blissful engine performance. We suggest you go with the SuperTech oil filter; hopefully, it will meet your requirements through its high-end engineering.

You don’t need to believe that sentence; instead, roll your eyes over “who makes SuperTech oil filters.”


SuperTech Oil Filter History

While searching for the manufacturer of SuperTech oil filters, we found the name Champion Labs, a USA company. They aren’t alone in the manufacturing arena; instead, they work jointly with Walmart and Wix. Currently, their manufacturing activities are running in 6 states.

You already know that three different companies shared their hand behind SuperTech oil filter manufacturing. Among them, Wix is the parent company (original manufacturer) of SuperTech oil filters. The second one, Walmart which joined here to help in SuperTech oil filter manufacturing.

Notably, Walmart was motivated to join the automotive maintenance industry after the entry of Bosch. The 3rd company is Champion, which currently works as an actual SuperTech oil filter manufacturer.

One misperception: Walmart is considered the manufacturer of SuperTech oil filters. But the reality is Walmart uses its marketing policy to make this brand top class.

Previously, Walmart worked for Purolator, but now they replaced the SuperTech oil filter in that place. Those changes help Walmart to sell a renowned brand at a reasonable price. Now, their motto is to make the SuperTech oil filter number one in the oil filter market.

Remarkably, Walmart applied their learned information from the Wix in their marketing technique to keep it at the next level. Plus, the collaboration with Champion Laboratories also works behind the Walmart marketing technique.

Most Popular SuperTech Oil Filters

Due to having an internal mechanical difference, you can’t use the same oil filter in all car models. As a consequence, the manufacturer made the oil filter based on the car engine model.

Likewise, SuperTech oil filters come in different sizes and types. In the later section, you can get an idea of those three types.

1.   St10575 Oil Filter -H3

Champion Laboratories use ECore style to make this type of oil filter. The ECore stylish is developed to ensure the sustainability of the filter. If you are looking for an environment-friendly filter, this type could be the best match because it will preserve cleanness and protect the environment.

     2. St6607 Oil Filter -H3

Although the size of this filter type looks smaller, but the quality hopefully satisfies you. The manufacturer introduced this oil filter for small size engines. The used cover plates are steel stamped, which protects the original filter (lies in the canister). Moreover, the manufacturer uses stiff synthetic material-made filtering media.

Interestingly, the used material herein can filter out up to 27 microns size impurities. Besides, this oil filter will give you an efficiency level of 95%.

But one downside is it will serve you less than 10,000 miles because of the small size. Interestingly, the bigger version’s minimum usage is 10,000 miles. However, this oil filter works best if the bay of your car’s engine is severely cramped.

    3. St9688 Oil Filter -H3

This is our 3rd popular oil filter from SuperTech. While our previous one is designed only for the small size engine, this oil filter can be used in most vehicles due to the size. Notably, those who have a car with no cramps in the engine bay will get great advantages.

The diameter of this oil filter’s drum is three inches. That mechanism will give you extra filtering mileage up to 10,000 miles. Another interesting point is this oil filter can filter out the oil’s 95% contaminants. Moreover, here use HQ filtering media which improves the feature of this filter.

Remarkably, a significant change happened in its cover plate, now it is different from the ten years ago’s plate. Moreover, while other brands use paper to make an oil filter’s cover plate, this brand uses durable steel to make the cover plate.

SuperTech Oil Filter vs. Other Oil Filter Brands

Earlier, you can’t differentiate the SuperTech oil filter from other oil filters because all use the same components and materials. Now, the SuperTech oil filter is considered better compared to others.

SuperTech vs. Fram and Other Brands

SuperTech oil filter’s quality uplifts significantly after Walmart participated in the production. Now, it has sturdy cover plates. Besides, here HQ organic and synthetic fibers are used to make filter media.

When you look at the nearest rival of the SuperTech, you will find the name, Fram. Fram doesn’t use a coiled wire spring; instead, it uses paper cover plates. Plus, they make the anti-drain valves and sealing rings with low-quality rubber.

You will find other brands also use low-quality materials and components to make the oil filter. Interestingly, SuperTech can overcome all those issues efficiently.

SuperTech Oil Filters vs. OEM

When you are going to compare SuperTech with OEM filters, you need to keep the vehicle model and type in your head. Notably, an advanced filtering system is one of the main requirements of the high-performance car, and the SuperTech can quickly provide that.

You already know the SuperTech is designed by Champion Laboratory and Walmart, they give their best efforts to make the oil filter conventional customer friendly.

Note: You won’t get good performance after using this oil filter in a supercar.

Nevertheless, when we talk about OEM filters, you will see it can filter only 72% of contaminants. Moreover, the size of the OEM filter is larger micron which can’t retard accessing a massive amount of impurities in the engine. Another point is the OEM’s efficiency of filtering is less than other oil filters in the market.

Which are better: FRAM oil filters vs. STP oil filters?

Two of the most common air filter companies are the Fram air filter and the STP air filter. Though those two have good fame, the user typically falls into a dilemma, like which filter they use continuously. Similar to the name difference, these two products have a slight difference in the other section.

In the quality section, both companies work well. However, to help to sort, we give a short difference in a table, so go through carefully.

ParticularFram air filterSTP air filter
Model No.CA10171SA7440
Total Weight7 ounce16 ounce
ProtectionThe user will get double engine protectionThe dirt holding capacity is efficient.
Height1.20 inch1.57 inch
Washing statusEasily washableEasily washable
CertificateHave ISO 5011Have ISO 5011
Change intervals12,000 miles10,000 miles
Country of manufacturerJapan, USMexico
AdditionalHere use an advanced media filter.Here use goof protection to uplift the fuel efficiency and performance.

When Do You Change Your SupertechOil Filter?

The perfect timing for replacing the SuperTech oil filter is prior to becoming dirt clogged. Though it is related to the internal mechanism, you can’t quickly identify it. But, some signs will notify you of the changing time, so let’s see.

1. When you see your Car Exhaust produces Dirty and Black Smoke

After building up the sludge in the lubricating system, your car will produce dirty and black smoke. Plus, you will get a burning oil smell from the exhaust pipe.

2. Decrease the Performance

If you encounter your car’s slower running than the previous, you need to check the oil filter. The clogged oil filter retards the perfect lubricating oil circulating in your car engine.

3. When you see Oil Pressure Gauge Dropping

In your car dashboard, you will see the oil pressure gauge; when it drops excessively, you need to be concerned about the air filter. However, if the gauge drops slightly, it won’t cause any significant problem.

4. The Engine Sputters

When sufficient oil circulating doesn’t occur inside the engine, then the engine sputters will happen. That condition indicates the blockage somewhere, especially in the oil filter.

5. When your Car Engine Produce Metalic Sounds

When you hear a sound like knocking or pinging, it implies your engine has an engine oil shortage. That lacking problem occurs due to a clogged oil filter.

How does oil filer work?

The main task of an oil filter is to wipe out contaminants from transmission oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and lubricating oil. Moreover, the oil filter does some other tasks like keeping the engine cool by transferring heat, adsorbing contaminants, and sealing the gap between cylinder walls and piston rings.

Let’s see the mechanism of the oil filter.

  • At first, the tapping plate or the gasket helps to enter the oil into the filter.
  • After cleaning the oil, it will come back to the center using a steel tube. Notably, the anti-drain back valve retards the oil from stopping flowing backward. 
  • When the oil becomes too thick and cold, then a relief valve will help the oil to bypass the filter. Therefore, your vehicle’s engine becomes lubricated.
  • Also, here lies metal or fiber-made discs that help stop returning the unfiltered oil into the engine.

Who Makes Supertech Oil ?

Supertech Oil is manufactured by Warren Oil Company International and as filters, its also sold and marketed by Walmart.

FAQ: Who makes SuperTech Oil Filters?

1.   Are Supertech oil and filters reliable?

We find it no problem to keep trust in SuperTech oil. This oil is considered suitable for the vehicle which has an OLM. Moreover, this oil works well in almost all non-European cars. Now, let’s come to the SuperTech oil filter. The manufacturer uses better quality Wix and the Napa Proselect.

Notably, the SuperTech oil filter can’t beat M1 in terms of quality, but they aren’t inferior in quality and renowned for an economic tier filter. We hope your vehicle will give you excellent performance after using this oil and filter.

2.   How Long Does Supertech Synthetic Oil Last?

The SuperTech oil company recommends that the user can use this oil up to 15,000 miles. Interestingly, this synthetic oil can stand against driving, seasonal, and changing weather conditions.

3.   What are the most popular brand name oil filters in $5 to $15?

Let’s see a piece of good news like the sound quality oil filter isn’t very expensive. Besides, many brands produce high-quality oil filters in the price range of $5 to $15. Here we enlist some of the well-known brands.

K-MNippon Filters
BaldwinNapa Gold
Mobile 1Motorcraft

Final Thought

The car owner typically asks a typical question like “who makes SuperTech oil filters.” It is a common phenomenon that users want to know the manufacturer’s name. Behind the SuperTech oil filter’s manufacturing, Walmart, Wix, and the Champion Labs jointly share their hand that hopefully make this brand top-class.

However, you already know some inside hacks of the SuperTech oil filter along with the manufacturer. We expect we can fulfill all your queries so, see you in another article.

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