Replace The Ignition Switch Ford F150

How To Replace The Ignition Switch of Ford F150?

Having an F-series pickup ford F-150 is a big deal. It is a powerful vehicle that is fit for a peaceful drive on rough and smooth roads. This big vehicle often needs repair and maintenance that may be costly if you hire professional services.

Suppose there is an issue with the ignition switch and you want to replace it with a new one, surely you will hire professional services. But do you know this issue also has many deals that can quickly solve the problems? If your ford f-150 ignition switch is problematic and needs replacement, follow our guidelines and replace it yourself.

What are the signs that the ignition switch is faulty?

Before replacing the ignition switch, make sure your existing ignition switch is faulty, and you need to replace it. Your checking may save your expenses on a new switch, or by seeing the signs, you may save yourself from big trouble.

Some signs that may help you notice that your ford f150 ignition switch is faulty and you should replace it to avoid the problem. Some common signs of faulty ignition switches are:

  • Car won’t start
  • Car stalls
  • The key won’t turn
  • Dashboard lights flicker, and
  • No noise from the starter.

If you experience any of the signs above, you should immediately replace the ignition switch to protect you from any issue in the future.

Step by step guide to replacing the ignition switch

If you need to replace the ignition switch of the ford f150, follow the simple step-by-step guidelines below to replace the ignition switch correctly.

Arrange required tools and materials

Before setting out for the work, first, arrange the required materials and tools. You will need a new ignition switch in the same brand as the previous one. You may get it from local stores, but you can order from Amazon or Walmart if not possible.

You do not need any tool except a wrench to lose the battery cable and then tighten the battery cable.

Step One:

Start with opening the hood, then lose the nut on the battery’s negative cable by using an adjustable wrench. You will need to rotate the wrench in a counterclockwise direction to lose the cable adjustment.

While you are losing the nut, only lose it and do not need to obliterate it. Once it loses, lift the cable off from the battery post and then push it aside. To remove the tight cable, you can wiggle the cable forth and back motion to remove it quickly but in a gentle way.

Step two:

Once the cable is removed, insert the key into the ignition switch and turn the key in the run position.

Step three:

Now straighten out the small paper clip and enter its one end approximately 2 inches inside the hole. You will find the hole in the steering column directly below the ignition switch.

Step four:

Next, pull out the ignition switch of the ford f150 from the steering column and remove the ignition switch key out.

Step five:

Take the new switch, unpack it and then enter the key inside the new ignition switch. Now place the ignition switch at the place from where you have removed the old ignition switch. Apply some force to fit in the column correctly.

Once you have placed the ignition switch, turn the key in the off position; you will see the switch lock at that place.

Now insert the battery’s negative cable in the ignition post and make sure it is properly seated. Use the wrench to tighten the nut of the ignition switch by turning the wrench in a clockwise direction.

Step six:

After proper tightening, close the ignition switch hood and test that the ignition switch is working correctly. Test it at least five to ten times to ensure that your ignition switch is installed correctly and working fine.

2002 F150 Ignition Switch Replace

How can you test the ignition switch?

Insert the key into the ignition switch and then crank the engine. If your engine cranks without any problem, it means the ignition switch is working fine. But if the engine does not crank, it means the ignition switch may have a problem.

Listen to it carefully; if you hear a click sound on turning the key, it means the issue is somewhere else and not with your ignition switch. But if you cannot turn the key, it means the ignition switch is problematic.

What is the possible reason when you turn the ignition key, but it does not start?

If you turn the key of the ignition switch, but it does not turn, it means the starter motor is not working correctly. The motor does not turn the engine; it mostly happens when your battery is dead. Another possible reason could be the lousy connection of the wire with the battery.

Can you jump ford f150 with a bad ignition switch?

It is possible to jump ford f150 with a bad ignition switch. If the switch contacts the starter, it may push your vehicle even with a bad ignition switch.

Do you need a new key for a new ignition switch?

If you match the ignition switch cylinder with your bad ignition, it may be possible to use the original key. But if you need the new key with a new cylinder, you still cannot use the old key. You will need an old original key for opening the doors of your vehicle.

Can I replace an ignition switch myself?

Yes, you can replace the ignition switch. It is simple for you if you follow the proper guidelines. If you have some skills, then it will be easy.

But if you see you are not much confident, then do not try this and hire commercial services. An ignition switch is an essential part of an electrical system, so that improper working may disturb you frequently.

Final Thoughts

Replacing the ignition ford f150 ignition switch is not a tough job. If you follow our above guidelines, it will be easier for you to replace. But if you are not confident to do it, then it is better to take professional services.

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